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Brit Chicks #1 (DVD)

Brit Chicks #1Brit Chicks #1Brit Chicks #1
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Prijs: Ä17.50

Bestelnummer: DVD10801

Levertijd: meestal 1-5 dagen.

Your Choice Productions - Directed by Rock Charogne

Starring: Alyssia, Chantelle Stephens, Natalie Heck, Ebony, Gillian, Sam, Wendy Taylor.

Scene 1: Natalie Heck
Super blonde secretary Natalie Jones' mind is not really on her work. Her fabulous DD's are out and her boss' dick is trapped snugly between them. Ms Jones' fingers circle her clit as the boss has her on the desk. Their manager gate-crashes, so the doe-eyed darling works over time on both men. They jizz massively over her sexy face.

Scene 2: Wendy Taylor
Wendy is with her lover and dressed to kill, she drives a stunt dick deep into her creamy cunt. He lowers his hairy butt onto her tongue before jamming her cunt and arsehole with his dick. Admire her twitching, post-fucked starfish before his youthful spurting covers her face.

Scene 3: Ebony
Ebony is curvy and pretty. Her boyfriend can't keep his hands off her soft mocha skin and smoke-lipped pussy. Then he dangles his sack in her mouth. Her cunt is so tight he has to work at fucking her. Finally he drenches her in a torrent of cum..

Scene 4: Sam Bond
Sam is turned on by the throb of her narrow boat as she and her mate chug down the river. As they practically crash, Sam sticks her enhanced jugs out even further. The reckless slut sucks off the helmsman, then drags him below for proper rumpy-pumpy.

Scene 5: Alyssa Jenkins as Alyssia
Alyssia looks really young and really keen on deep anal penetration. She holds her neon pink pussy open as her arse is fucked. She practically bursts his balls as she grinds into him in reverse cowgirl. He jets his jizz over her thighs.

Scene 6: Lorna Lace as Gillian
Gillian is a cheeky looking blonde with a magical mouth. She gorges on her hunk's thick tool and licks his scrotum. She certainly deserves the energetic shag she receives, front and back. He shoots his load into her quivering bottom and holds her up so it trickles out for the camera.

Scene 7 Chantelle Stephens
Chantelle is gagging for it. She and her man head straight for the countryside where she rips his clothes off and works his huge cock over with her hungry mouth. The going gets tough and anal

Includes: Beautiful British Girls, big tits, bum slapping, black stockings & naughty knickers, spanking, superb close-ups, 3-some, outdoor sex, throating/gagging, shaved/half shaved/ natural pussy, pile-driver position, deep anal tongue, ass licking: girl to man/man to girl, men talking dirty, sterling cum-shots, cum on face/in mouth/in ass, anal sex, anal finger, dick/dildo D.P., 69, tit-fucks, proper snogging, ass cream pie.

2 Hours 15 minutes - English sound.

DVD Extras include: Chapter selection, photo gallery, bonus scene, trailers - PAL.


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