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Cum Crazed Brits #2 (DVD)

Cum Crazed Brits #2Cum Crazed Brits #2Cum Crazed Brits #2
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Prijs: €19.50

Bestelnummer: DVD12056

Levertijd: meestal 1-5 dagen.

Starring: Bea, Roxy, Janca, Katie, Avalon, Barbara, Crystal, Angel Long, Suzie Best, Donna Marie.

Your Choice Productions.

Scene 1 Starring: Donna Marie & Pascal.
Donna Marie squishes her enormous new melons into Pascal's face. He forces his instant hard-on repeatedly down her slutty neck – the only thing which stops the continuous stream of smut coming from her mouth. The bad-assed British bitch has never looked sexier and is on finest cock-hungry form here. Dirty Donna loves a great big dick in her arse. That sweet, searing pain is a pleasure for her, so is a gob full of scalding spuzz.

Scene 2 Starring: Crystal-Lei and Beatrix Bliss.
Crystal and Bea smiling broadly and giggling, seduce each other with sweet juicy fruits… the perfect appetiser for a succulent slit. Luckily all surfaces are wipe-clean because this session gets really messy with spurting pussies.

Scene 3 Starring: Katerina (Katie) & Pascal.
No wonder Pascal is completely besotted with fresh-faced young Katie, she's fucking lovely! Every inch of her oozes sexiness. Standing over his face, she ensures herself a thorough licking, before showing off how cock-sure she is. Gasping with lust, she takes Pascal on a tour of the kitchen surfaces which makes him boil over with excitement – especially when she takes his relentlessly hard cock in her arse. He uses her pretty little feet to jerk-off onto her belly.

Scene 4 Starring: Barbara Molineux, Terry Stephens & Ian.
Winsome Barbara has arrived with splendid white wedding underwear for her scene with Ian, who can't wait to stick his tongue down her throat. She is beautifully plump and a little older than the other girls, she is also super-sexed with a hair-trigger clit and loud, wet snatch. Ian gets her really crazy with some vigorous dildo intervention, then Terry joins the couple for a steamy double penetration sandwich.

Scene 5 Starring: Roxy Rare & Leo.
Leo tears off little Roxy's top, making her taut little tits shudder firmly. The randy bastard gets his face in her lap growling like a panther, her cunt doesn't stand a chance and she's soon cumming in his mouth. The minute his dick feels gripped by her pussy, he is a slave to her hips, grinding and gyrating. She takes an excruciating arse pounding too! An astoundingly good scene, there's real magic between these two!

Scene 6 Starring: Angel Long & Porno Dan.
Lovely as ever, Angel Long proudly shows off the slender hips and thighs which made her famous. Dan naturally buries his face in her bunghole. The camera gets in nice and close for a P.O.V. blow job with plenty of eye contact. Her tight, lithe body looks fabulous from every angle as she rides Dan's hot cock.

Scene 7 Starring: Suzie Best, Pascal & Tony.
Spunky little Suzie is a pint-sized sexual power-house who can easily handle the dual attentions of Tony and Pascal. They swarm over her, mobbing her with their knobs at a furious pace. The scene closes with enough spunk on her face to open a sperm bank.

Scene 8 BONUS SCENE - with Avalon.
Avalon takes a bath, stuffing beads up her bum and a dildo right up her pussy.

Scene 9: BONUS SCENE - with Janca.
Janca gives her pussy a good fingering on the bed, noisily bringing herself off in the process.

Includes: 9 British lust-vixens, big tits, gagging, dirty talking, ball sucking, anal, cum in mouth/belly/pussy/back, girl on girl, pierced clit, fishnet, stockings and suspenders, banana dildo, pussy-lip stretching, sex in the kitchen, foot wank, dildo, 2 guys with one girl, D.P. (sandwich style).

Running Time: 2 hrs. 53 mins. - PAL


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