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Debbie Does Dallas 30th Anniversary (2 disc set) (DVD)

Debbie Does Dallas 30th Anniversary (2 disc set)Debbie Does Dallas 30th Anniversary (2 disc set)Debbie Does Dallas 30th Anniversary (2 disc set)
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Prijs: €32.00

Bestelnummer: DVD13814

Levertijd: meestal 1-20 dagen.

Year: 1978

VCX proudly presents, Debbie Does Dallas -- 30th Anniversary Collectors Edition -- celebrating one of the most iconic and contraversial porno movies of all time. The film has been lovingly remasered and restored, resulting in a DVD that's a better than when it was originally shown at the cinemas!

Check out the trailer to see what we mean… click on 'Preview' above.

*Awarded AVN’s Best Classic Release, January 2010! See PRESS RELEASE below.

Debbie made history when it instigated lawsuits from the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, and some graphic footnotes in the 1986 Attorny General's Commission on Pornography. It went on to become one of the most lucrative movies of all time.

Starring Bambi Woods, Ashley Welles, Misty Winter, Pat Allure, Robin Byrd, Rikki O'Neal, Arcadia Lake, Paula Head, Georgette Sanders.

Debbie (Bambi Woods) gets a place on the Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleading Squad, but doesn't have the money to get to Dallas. She and her fellow cheerleaders pick up part time jobs so Debbie can go with the rest of the squad.

Soon they discover the jobs aren't earning them money fast enough but if they perform sexual favours, the money adds up faster.

The film is one of the all-time best-sellers. It is chock full of nutty sex, especially the last sex scene, between Woods and Bolla, which is an all-time classic combining a fantasy setting with some very intense carnal action.

Debbie Does Dallas is far more of a movie than the modern later sequels, which like many of today's pornos are essentially a gallery of sex scenes strung together with a semblance of a plot.

It plays on the innocence factor. The young, perky, high school cheerleaders offer their services to their teachers and bosses in order to raise money.

The sex is a fulfillment of that teenage girls, screwing older men, fantasy. "Oh Mr Greenfeld, I'm not that kind of girl. Oh my Mr Greenfeld, you're so big!" The girls are all very attractive with wonderfully natural bodies and, of course, very hairy pussies! There's a ton of cutesy upskirt and downblouse camera shots.

The show's an erotic thrill with oodles of highly charged sex scenes. The young and very sensuous girls have what it takes to make that winning touchdown, when and where it counts.

Includes: duos, threes, cum in mouth/facials/on back/belly/foot/tits, deep throat, female masturbation/candle, old guy young woman over the knee spanking scene, hairy pussies.

1 hr. 24 mins. NTSC

SPECIAL FEATURES on this item: Disc 1] The XXX Remastered Feature, Herschel Savage Commentary, Robin Byrd Commentary, Spanish Audo, Original Debbie Does Dallas Trailer.
Disc 2]. Debbie Does Dallas Remastered Feature Cable TV Version, Herschel Savage: Tales of a Pornstar, Herschel Savage Uncut, Herschel Savage Screws The Stars, The Making of Robin Byrd, Photo Gallery, 4 Trailers: Eruption, Inside Desiree Cousteau, Little Girls Blue, Prisoner of Paradise.

*VCX's PRESS RELEASE January 2010

VCX celebrates their treasured landmark classic, Debbie Does Dallas 30th Anniversary Definitive Collectors Edition, awarded AVN’s Best Classic Release Saturday January 9, 2010 at the 2010 AVN Awards Show in Las Vegas.

“I’m honored,” says VCX CEO, David Sutton. “VCX is known for its superb classics, however receiving the Best Classic Release award gives proof to the quality and longevity of the films we release. What a wonderful testimony for Debbie Does Dallas 30th Anniversary Definitive Collectors Edition. My team and I spent hours working on the never-before-seen exclusive interviews and commentary from its legendary stars Herschel Savage and Robin Byrd. I know these extras are what made the difference.”

Debbie Does Dallas 30th Anniversary Definitive Collectors Edition. has had an especially stellar year, earning rave reviews with the release of the digitally re-mastered 2-disc collector’s set in September 2009. It features an unprecedented commentary and interview with one of the most successful male stars of all time, Herschel Savage, plus tons of additional interviews, commentaries, photo galleries, trailers and bonus material lending to its Best Classic Release honor.

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