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Hogtied - Bound in Overwhelming Orgasms (DVD)

Hogtied - Bound in Overwhelming OrgasmsHogtied - Bound in Overwhelming OrgasmsHogtied - Bound in Overwhelming Orgasms
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Prijs: Ä26.00

Bestelnummer: DVD26030

Levertijd: meestal 1-20 dagen.

Starring: Dallas Blaze, bondage master

"The camera likes Dallas Blaze, a lot. Her firm full ass and tits fill out her lean tanned body and make my dick so hard that I can barely tie the knots.

"I take my time busting this beauty out of those tight clothes and putting her pussy through the paces in tight bondage. She loves the spanks and the flogger, loves to give up control to the bondage and be manhandled.

"When I finally spread that tight pussy open with ropes and start going to work with a big dick on a stick, she reacts like it's the first time she was ever fucked. Wonderful".

Running time: 1 hr 36 mins - NTSC


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