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Three Girls And a Bolster (DVD)

Three Girls And a BolsterThree Girls And a BolsterThree Girls And a Bolster
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Prijs: Ä26.00

Bestelnummer: DVD26513

Levertijd: meestal 1-14 dagen.

Starring: Angela White, Alexa Grace, Kristen Scott, Whitney Wright, Cali Carter, Chloe Couture, Skylar Snow, Zoey Taylor

Alexa is getting married. With all the stress, she's decided to take an hour for herself to unwind with a massage. Her masseuse, Kristen, finishes preparing the table offering her an extra perk.

Gorgeous Cali walks into the spa and meets her masseuse Zoey. She's not shy to show off her muscular body in preparation for her bolster massage.

When Chloe and Whitney find a box at the house, they bring it to Angela. She's pretty sure she knows what it is. When they open the box, Kristen yells out, "reading pillow!" But Skylar corrects her, stating that it's a bolster for massages.

When she offers her one in return for this great gift, Kristen has no time and has to run, but Skylar won't take no for an answer.

Running time: 2 hrs 31 mins - NTSC


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