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Sister Stories (DVD)

Sister StoriesSister StoriesSister Stories
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Prijs: Ä26.00

Bestelnummer: DVD26837

Levertijd: meestal 1-14 dagen.

Starring: Piper Perri, Kenna James, Carter Cruise, Dillion Harper, Zoey Monroe, Ivy Wolfe, Eliza Jane

When Eliza Jean finds some of her missing clothes in her stepsister Kenna James' room, she gets furious. After trying to reason with Kenna, a defeated Eliza decides that if her sister doesn't understand boundaries then perhaps they shouldn't have any at all!

Riley Anne is going on her first date and has her stepsister, Piper Perri, do her make-up and help her get ready. At the end of the night Riley comes home dismayed; her date was terrible! As Riley goes into her bedroom, Piper is determined: she doesn't want her sister to be sad and is gonna make sure to cheer her up.

When Ivy Wolfe overhears Carter Cruise on the phone, she realizes her sister is into girls. Ivy decides to play a prank on Carter and gives her a note from her "girlfriend" inviting Carter to a special place to meet. When both sisters get to the meet up spot, Ivy has Carter close her eyes and the night begins! Will Ivy get caught?

Waiting for Dillion Harper to get home, Zoey Monroe is home alone watching her favourite type of porn: dove fucking. Dillion walks in at the perfect time, and lies down with Zoey to watch. As the girls watch it together it isn't before long before they start making out.

Running Time: 2 Hrs 13 Mins - NTSC


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