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A Scent of Heather (DVD)

A Scent of HeatherA Scent of HeatherA Scent of Heather
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Prijs: Ä25.00

Bestelnummer: DVD8974

Levertijd: meestal 1-20 dagen.

Year: 1981

Directed by Phillip Drexler

Starring: Veronica Hart (as Heather) with Vanessa Del Rio, Jessica Teal, Lisa Bee, Richard Bolla, Tracy Adams, Christine Ford and Paul Thomas.

The story is about the sexual awakening of a young virgin Heather, after she leaves a convent for an arranged marriage.

Her awakening is induced by a lecherous aunt, who teaches Heather the mysteries of lust.

The newlyweds are soon told they are in fact brother and sister, and therefore cannot consummate their union. All this leads to bizarre perversions and debauchery!

Includes: Virginal deflowering/training, woman on girl, stockings and suspenders, vintage cars, massive pubic bushes, natural tits, tit-fuck, cum in face/mouth/hairy pussy, great wormís eye style filming, anal sex, incest, 69, dirty talk, bordello sex, voyeurism, ginger muff, two quality lesbian scenes.

1 hour 38 minutes - NTSC.

DVD extras include: Scene selection, trailers.

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