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Little Girls Blue - 2 Disc Box Set (DVD)

Little Girls Blue - 2 Disc Box SetLittle Girls Blue - 2 Disc Box SetLittle Girls Blue - 2 Disc Box Set
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Prijs: €34.00

Bestelnummer: DVD9102

Levertijd: meestal 1-20 dagen.

Starring: Lori Blue, Chrissy Petersen, Tamara Morgan, Debby Dambiose, Elaine Wells, Kristine Heller, Barbara Klouds, Sharron McIntyre, Shirley Duke, many more – and the studsc

The Original, Uncut, digitally remastered Classic!

Released: Pt.1 1979 / Pt.2 1983

VCX are proud to present the beautifully remastered, twin disk set of Little Girls Blue available in a handsome gift case.

Hailed as two of the ground-breaking, free-spirited releases on film, of the classic era of Adult Entertainment. Little Girls Blue showcases a bevy of fresh faces who turn their boarding school on its ear!

It really is an ode to natural bodies, uninhibited sexuality and classic 70's film-making.

Part 1: It's a fresh take on the boarding school theme. Don't worry, the girls still engage in lots of sexual shenanigans with each other, their college faculty and staff. But this movie has something extra: an IQ well above room temperature. The wit is sharper than the high heels its stars are constantly slipping out of.

Made in 1978, with the opening scene set in a school classroom, this title is a true classic. Many of its stars will now seem like fresh new faces. A time capsule of 70's, utterly care-free sex and totally natural bodies.

Part 2: Released for the summer from the confines of a strict boarding school, a bevy of young finishing-school lovelies are transplanted to a summer camp full of randy counsellors (camp supervisors). There are shady thickets, perfect for brushing up on human anatomy and comparative sexual analysis.

The girls quickly work their way through the team of counsellors. The sex is sleazy, free, fast and loose - and brings back a time when the only men who even thought of using condoms, were those whose girls weren't on the pill.

Features the seldom-seen but fabulous, Barbara Klouds.

Includes 30 minutes of previously missing footage!

Genre: Boy/Girl, Younger Woman/Older Man, 3 Way, Fetish, Girl/Girl

Staff Favourite!

Total Running time: 2 hrs 35 mins - NTSC

These movies, WITH almost 40 mins of CUTS, are available on one disc entitled, Girls in Blue Parts 1 & 2. Item number 11205

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