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Sarah Young The Goddess of Love #4 (DVD)

Sarah Young The Goddess of Love #4Sarah Young The Goddess of Love #4Sarah Young The Goddess of Love #4
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Prijs: €15.00

Bestelnummer: DVD9268

Levertijd: meestal 1-14 dagen.


Directed by Sascha Alexander

Starring: Sarah Young, Peter North, T.T. Boy, Jake Steed, Nick East.

This DVD is not just featuring SARAH in different scenes, it's really about worshipping her and is thus a special collector's item in line with this great Adult series. Seldom have we seen Sarah so ladylike and seductive as in this first appearance in front of the fireplace…

She is adored by Nick who just blends into the scenario. Unpacking her wonderful breasts, then with his head deeply between her beautiful stockinged thighs, his licking starts sending her crazy. You can hardly imagine a more sizzling daydream, romantic, full of emotion – and with all the pleasure Sarah can give. It's pure, highly erotic pornography, crowned by loads of sperm onto Sarah's royal snatch after vaginal and anal fun. You could call this magical encounter sort of old-fashioned, but if it is old fashioned, it will show the future about sweet natural love!

Later we meet Sarah waking up at night, as a guy is climbing through her open window. It's evident she's frightened but despite that, she lets him touch and caress her. Being his missionary girl and his cowgirl, Sarah screams in wild excitement – as it's her boyfriend who usually fucks her this way. It's a strange situation, but Jake and T.T. end up in Sarah together, giving us a long, horny DP and a wonderful parallel cumshot into her open mouth filmed from above!

While having tea with her psychologist Peter, Sarah tells him about her insomnia and the following fantasy… Assuming she's sexually frustrated, he hypnotises her and gently takes care of her body and soul while Sarah enjoys his therapy with closed eyes. She only looks at him as he drives his piston deeply into her tight, lovely ass and then falls back while he heavily creams her cunt and belly. What a lucky guy who can bring back a dream-girl like Sarah into reality and give the recommendation to “probably have a few more sessions”…

So, what is GODDESS OF LOVE #4 all about? It's all about Sarah, it's a big kiss to her fans and it's a high-class bow to all friends of production value and exquisite erotography!

DVD-9 PAL. 120 Mins approx.

The Goddess Of Love vols # 1, 2, 3, 4 may not play on all NTSC machines.

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