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Shipping & Delivery

Europe and Rest of the World

There are no additional charges for shipping and handling.

DVDs are usually supplied in their plastic cases with their original covers.

If you are ordering from outside Europe, DVDs may be delivered without their boxes (original disc and sleeve only) to avoid interference from your local customs agency. If you wish for your DVDs to be dispatched with their original boxes, please leave a note in the section labelled ďAdd Comments About Your OrderĒ during checkout.

All sex toys and novelties are supplied in their original, sealed packaging.

Please allow up to 21 calendar days for delivery (30 calendar days outside of Europe).

If you have questions about the shipping status of an order you've placed, please use the information on our Contact Us page.

United Kingdom & Ireland

You are currently on the site for international customers only.

If your delivery address in is in the United Kingdom or Ireland, please click here and make your purchases at the Your Choice U.K. Website.



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